What can an immigration lawyer do for me?

As an immigrant in the United States, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on. You may feel scared, uncertain, or trepidation toward the many immigration policies that are changing. You may feel like you’re going to hear a knock on the door from I.C.E. telling you to pack your bags. With so much about immigration policies in the air right now, it’s imperative that you have an immigration lawyer on your side. Zohar Law PLLC is the ideal law firm to have on your side because we are willing to go above and beyond for each of our clients. We know that being an immigrant in a country that’s in such turmoil is scary, which is why we want to help you when you need it the most.

In today’s blog, we’ll be covering what an immigration lawyer can do for you. Keep in mind that an immigration lawyer is here to help you when applying for an immigration visa, green card, or a nonimmigrant visa. Immigration lawyers are here for your benefit to create a straightforward case that allows you to stay in the country or move here. You don’t necessarily need an immigration lawyer, but we’re here to make paperwork easier, the application process more fluid, and for consultations when you need some immigration information.

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When you need an immigration lawyer

You Have Been Convicted Of A Crime

Getting arrested as an immigrant in the country can sometimes be more detrimental than if you are a citizen getting arrested for a crime. In Learn About Deportation From An Immigration Lawyer, we covered ways you could get deported in this country. One of those ways is when you have been convicted of a crime. By failing to abide by the law, you are violating immigration laws. This can include murder, fraud, money laundering, trafficking of guns or drugs, rape, espionage, terrorism, sabotage, and domestic violence are all crimes if convicted, can get you deported. If you’ve been convicted of any of these laws, then you’ll need an immigration lawyer to represent you in court. An immigration lawyer is best for this job because they know both immigration laws and how to strategize if you’ve been convicted of these crimes.

Your Application Has Been Denied

When you apply for your own visa, which many people do, you may come across some bumps. Due to misrepresentation, misunderstandings, and skipped over information, your application can be denied. An immigration lawyer can figure out why your application was denied and what needs to be fixed for when you apply again. Additionally, your application can be remedied by an immigration lawyer because he or she knows the proper information and how to fill out the application. An immigration lawyer has helped many people fill out applications for visas of all types, so he or she is familiar with what needs to be on the application to ensure it’s not denied.

You Are Threatened With Deportation

If you’re threatened with deportation, then hire an immigration lawyer. This is the country you live in that’s up in the air, so you don’t want to leave anything to chance. If there’s even a slight possibility that you’re going to be deported, then you need to employ an immigration lawyer to ensure you have every chance of staying in America. When you are being threatened with deportation or removal, then an immigration lawyer will have a solid strategy to defend you. Not all threats of deportation result in permanency. When you are threatened with deportation, you have to go to a hearing where your case will be heard to determine if you should leave the United States. You cannot be forced to leave the United States without a hearing.

You Are Overwhelmed By Paperwork

Everyone gets overwhelmed by paperwork with any application and immigration visas are no different. Even the simplest of application have very involved forms that have detailed instructions, fees, and answers that are needed. If you don’t speak English, then these forms can be even more overwhelming, especially when there is just one mistake it can set you back and have your application returned.

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